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[Name]: Toph Beifong
[Canon]: Avatar: The Last Airbender
[Age]: 12
[Gender]: Female
[Canon Point]:



Toph was born as the only child to the Beifong family. Her parents made the choice to protect her by pretending to the outside world she didn't exist because she was born blind. Her parents, with the help of servants treated Toph as though she were completely helpless, relying on people to blow on her soup for her, and refusing to teach her earthbending properly. She was treated as some kind of doll, someone who was dressed up and waited upon but she was never allowed to meet anyone. This is the root of the majority of Toph's genuine personality.

Thanks to meeting the badger moles, Toph learned earthbending to a master level, and thanks to earthbending she can see her surroundings through the vibration in the ground. Her desire to be independent led her to become "The Blind Bandit", a tough earthbending fighter who is not only not afraid of opponents bigger and stronger than her, but she actively taunts them. It isn't just talk, Toph is an earthbending master and she's very skilled at reading her opponents movements.

She knows how to use her abilities and perceived abilities to her advantage. Toph can, and has played the helpless little blind girl when it suited her, such as to pull over a scam on a dishonest swindler to amass gold for their group. She knows her skills very well, however when faced with challenges she can't meet, she works exceedingly hard to overcome them. This causes her to learn sandbending, as well as invent metalbending through sheer force of will. Toph is not a person that backs down, but she holds herself steadfast and stubbornly in the way of any obstacle. To her detriment, when she needs help initially she has a hard time asking for it and still flounders from time to time. This is because she grew up with so much help and the perception that she was helpless and would never amount to anything, she doesn't want people to actually think that about her - at least, not people that matter.

Perception is something that Toph dislikes the most. Being surrounded by all those rules and expectations causes her to actively and openly rebel against them. She has no interest in playing the high class princess her parents wanted, but instead she can be openly rude as she often speaks whatever comes to mind. She is content to keep what she calls a healthy amount of dirt on her body and she often doesn't care or think about her appearance. However, when some kids teased her, she was bothered by it. Toph can be very obstinate and selfish, but through the evolution of the series she does learn to work with others. If she doesn't agree with them however, she can still be quite stubborn. Toph has a nasty temper, often arguing with Katara and even bringing their fights to blows. She doesn't like being told what to do.

Her relationship with her parents has coloured her entire existence. She openly rails against them, expressing hatred, but deep down this isn't true. She feels guilty for having run away and hurting them because she knows they had good intentions, even if they were crazy intentions. She has no desire to go back to them.

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Toph Beifong

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